"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



So much to do     so little time   said my

little boy client each Wednesday   at 5

Then he’d mime the  dive  his Dad took      the day he died


It was like this Therapist:  He took a bite

of a cookie  then looked at me funny   and

fell down on the floor   His eyes wide open

I said:  Dad stop joking    around


Later our boy was blamed by his mother

asleep on the couch ’til the   CRASH


(Elvis accent)   Thank you  Thank you very          mushhhh  

he said with a bow   Then ran from our sessions

where I was left to digest  this confession   and

transform it into his      Grail



Spring  2013    WABI SABI: Nothing is Perfect  Nothing Lasts  Nothing is Finished

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