"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Taylor had  D.I.D.*   so did his mother

His father (who is also his grandfather)

babysat when he was 2    It is thought

that Grandpa died in the morning and

that Taylor sat with him   and on him

until  mother arrived at 5


One day in a session  after we called 911        (who didn’t come)

I said: Why the hell don’t you  HURRY!

in a flurry of countertransferential rage


Taylor was not impressed:  Therapist never say  hell     it’s a bad word


Later when he was 10 we practised  the future:

dating   marriage    dinners at Olive Garden 

a daughter named Brit   and a bunker in the

basement for storms or the apocalypse


Therapist:  I will protect you

Taylor:  But what if they have guns?

Therapist:  I will always do the best I can   no matter what



Spring  2013

* Dissociative Identity Disorder: a rare disorder in which two or more

personalities with distinct memories and behavior patterns exist in one

individual; attributed to disruptions in memory caused by trauma

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