"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I’m failing high school  bored  no interest

going through the motions   Pretending at     becoming

in these concrete halls   (was anyplace uglier?)


Then I remember :  I already have a Master’s

degree !  And I don’t have to wander aimlessly

anymore   It’s like being rescued from inertia


Like the majestic white lion  in a cage    full of    rage    + resignation

set  free by a large hairy rat   who gnaws through

the bars      The cage door now  ajar


How many think that    freedom   is the most natural

thing to be ?             (99.3%)


Will the lion stay inside    lazy & complacent ?

Or wander the plain  as free as the wind blows    (as free as the grass grows)

Would   the watchers  on buses and streetcars  bolt ?

Or sit there  stupefied



..the heartbroken salesman lights another cigarette ..the stars are out

dusk has fallen on a Colorado road..


Spring  2013   Songanddancegirl    Allen Ginsberg      Matt Monroe   Janis Joplin

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