"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



A woman sits down

& imposes herself on me :    I love your redhair

Are you writing poetry 

Or  a real story ?    I remain   Canadian    polite  


She is Russian  & her name is        Rose

She finds the coincidence :

Spring (me)  &  flower  (her)  

brings us   closer 


All my friends have the names of flowers   One is Winter !


Her son  one of 6    writes poetry

But guess what he does for a living       *guess ?

Poet-nerves now jangled


Write something great  really great       Rose implores   her eyes filling with tears


Portent  or lament ?   Canadian poet

reeks of nice  needs more steel in veins      & new haircolour


Excuse me !    Sleek man in perfect black

shoes alights   from perfect black car      Is that Cherry Red ?


I say nothing   I promise nothing    as he lifts me from my chair





Spring  2013

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One thought on “GLASNOST

  1. grafikmilk on said:

    great!!!!!!! x

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