"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Why is everyone in this town  so angry ?

Driving along West Queen West   away

from the  so hip it hurts  Art & Design

District    Out of the corner of my eye

I spied a weatherbeaten resident of our

local Mental Health Centre    limping along


Stopping every few steps to screeeetch out her

tortured song   part human  part  loon    In one

hand a black pork-pie  which she tried on the

passers by    Along came a tall Godiva  tie-dyed

maxi    flapping in the breeze   so hip   so clean     (a meanmachine)


And as the ragged queen approached    her

balance now precarious   a slight bump  ensued

Lean mean Godiva   delivered a hard slap to

our heroine’s head   People gathered    I pulled

over     and was seized by a vision      and not a   little dread


New York May 2012    36th floor   windows

look onto windows look onto more windows    no sky

4 monarchs float by  in the negative space   high   above  the world

And I wonder how they will make it     to Mexico



Spring  2013

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