"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I wanted to do something small:

Word Art   Collage   a multi-culti barrage

of Identity   THIS IS ME   STAND TALL

Be an ambassador for MALI  where       female circumcision

is practised   Teach us compassion

for your tribe  your flag  your creed


I’m afraid we are looking for  BIGGER  

more complex initiatives   Poet    Do you

know how to make   GIANT SPIDERS?


She was a nice enough lady   But really?

My main experience with giant spiders

are the ones in   my bed     My question

is simply this:  ( & perhaps somewhat tangential)


Will  GIANT SPIDERS  address the ills underlying

the shameful treatment of LGBT  in Russia?

This I fear is highly unlikely   So I say it here    loud & clear

I will even run my little word art program   FOR FREE



*female genital mutilation – 28 countries  140 million girls

from a few days after birth to 15 yrs.


**LGBT – Lesbian  Gay  Bisexual  Transgendered



Late Summer  2013

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