"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Rawan died at 8  after her uterus was

ruptured on her wedding night  Betrothed

to a man 5x her age   No Action was taken

against the man  14% of Yemeni girls are

married before 15  and 52% before 18


At my office in the trenches of humanity

I was asked to bear witness   Girls & boys

much younger than Rawan became child

brides & grooms  in Toronto   in large numbers


As I looked into their eyes many appeared to

be staring into space  as if half asleep or absent

And I hoped that like  *Shmuel in Auschwitz

these children: were able to convince their souls to 

not live inside of their tiny bodies, but to slip away

and sail to the door, and rise up into the sky


Clamouring to get out only made it worse

One boy often said: Therapist you can hit me

with the biggest stick and I won’t feel a thing   Go on   Try it



Fall  2013   *The Boy In The Striped Pajamas  John Boyne 2006



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