"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I once heard a therapist say:  I don’t believe unless you’re psychotic

there’s any wound that cannot be healed or at least closed over with

some very effective scar-tissue    Who agrees with her?     Blasphemy?

Heresy?   Prophecy?   But then she also named her baby   Baby

& wrote a runaway bestseller on healing the  Motherwound


America’s latest mass shooting at a Naval Yard left at least 13 dead

One man 53  had been a shipbuilder for 30 yrs.  crooked grin  lanky

4 kids     In Nairobi this week after the mall attack   a 16 yr. old girl

was afraid to leave the hospital where her sister lay    much of a leg

& lower body missing


In the U.S. it’s a lot easier to ban smoking than guns    And the

I Love Guns & Coffee website has given the Starbucks mermaid a pistol


Wounds & scar tissue conversations moot   as Canadian researchers find:

Once a certain segment of the populace realizes that they can kill bugs

in the coffee grinder provided   they will return multiple times to the

bug crushing station     Apparently sadism is adaptive


At sea the shipbuilder’s ships form an armada   They will perform

counterclockwise circumnavigations in a ritual of undoing eternity



Fall  2013

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