"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



She left her mother on the floor  hoping

she would snap out of the stroke   Her eyes

glazed with   Fear-of-God     Would there be

retribution?  Or just slow seeping of self-respect

Wolf at door of bad daughter’s  psychic fortress


Fighting  her absolutionist’s diatribe   she cried:

No I Did Not Do The Best I Could


Human’s have the ability to self-anesthetize in

situations of extreme trauma   One may leave the body

and hover near by    My child clients often exclaimed:

I didn’t feel a thing  Therapist


Humans who are missing this chip   eventually go mad



I met my mother walkin’ down the Jericho road
Tears in her eyes and her head hung low
And she was walkin’ down the Jericho road

Steve Earle  Jericho Road   2007


Winter  2014

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