"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Existential therapists say: All anxiety is about death

And since we are beings unto death  (Heidegger)

this makes sense   From the moment we are born

we are busy dying   Beginning in adolescence  brain

cells are jettisoned by the thousands


But the human Ego  hell-bent upon survival has even

passed laws  against dying   In Texas a brain-dead pregnant

woman is being kept alive  against her wishes


Whereas in Belgium legislation is underway to allow terminally

ill children to be euthanized   no matter their age     Ego grows

it’s conscience     Who knows where this will lead


5 yr. old  Malakhiwe Goniwe  an imbangi  (spiritual poet)

presides at births  weddings  & funerals   He recently told his

mother:  When I meet my Maker  I’ll stop being afraid


It seems that one poet is free    The other desperate to be read

clutches at immortality



People live too long nowadays. I’ve lived too long.

I had a ten inch waist. Now I’m just wasted.




Winter  2014

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