"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



On August 16, 1989  at 3:16  Lee reversed

his deal  with  Time   His heart stopped

after years of threatening    In grade 6 he

wrote my speech for the Public Speaking

Contest   I won & went to the finals  where   I lost


Hi  I am Joe’s heart   Joe’s heart is healthy

& deep red   It has chambers   & ventricles  

It is a fine specimen   A pump for all time


Lee’s heart didn’t work nearly as well   Corroded

by anger  angina    His father’s was in worse shape

Without warning it stopped at 62    Who really knows

what mine is doing in there    Sometimes it flutters like   a bird in the throes


Other times   when kicked   it has been known to stop

for a millisecond or 2     This happened during the recital of    I Am Joe’s Heart  

People thought I was terrified of public-speaking

No one suspected an NDE*


Hi   I am Joe’s heart  I have a left ventricle & a right  

I am your pump    Be kind to me


Girl falls to her knees      Fade to black




Winter  2014     *Near Death Experience

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