"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Ralph Waite   Pa on the Waltons  died

on Tuesday   He was 85   My father Lee

died 23 yrs. ago   He was 68    I thought

they would live forever


It is said that Ralph died at mid-day in

Palm Springs    Allan Mills  his manager

was  taken aback   Ralph had been in good



Both Ralph & Lee had Paul Newman eyes

Handsome  not entirely gentle men   Silent

types   with rivers of regret around the edges


The actress who played Erin Walton said:

He was like a real father to me   Goodnight

Daddy     I love you   


A gentle family drama  set in the Blue Ridge

Mountains   through the Depression & WW II

Inextricably entwined with mine


Bleak suburban playground   nouveau riche

& holocaust survivors    Life on a lush ravine


Ralph was our spiritual  father  back in the 70’s

He was an ordained minister  with a slow smile

that belied his battle with the bottle


When he said  Good night Mary Ellen  you could

almost taste your perfect future  apron  sensible shoes

family of  5       Those were simpler times






Winter 2014     Good night Pa   Goodnight John-boy   Good night Blackie

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