"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Mother & daughter in front of a Picasso

1900  Paris night club scene  in motion

Candles flicker  faces blurry around edges

Women triumphant  no she-goats in sight


Daughter  many shades of blonde  examines

the piece   6 inch stilettos  fur tails hang    asymmetrically

Leopard print dress   drum tight


Mother sensible coat & shoes  hair several hues

of blonde  too   Both have a bald spot mid-head

Mother’s   more progressed


Daughter eyes me menacingly  her beauty creeping

toward the exit   Mother was always more interesting

Lingers in front of Kandinsky   as daughter poses for

art patrons   not beguilingly


New Technology in mother’s era:



pop-up toasters

mustard gas


hand grenades



picasso 1900 Paris



Winter  2014   Art Gallery Of Ontario  The Great Upheaval  Picasso



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