"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The world is full of Soup Nazis   trust me

Yesterday we lunched at a place where:

All You Can Eat  meant  All We Say You

Can Eat    If you left food on your plate

they charged 1$ per morsel


So you don’t waste   crude woman with

yellow pallor informed    And NO you cannot

take said morsels home   Is this even legal?

Forlorn   & certain of poisoning we tossed and

turned   into the early hours


Today I arrive at chilly-café where words are

forced daily from cells of brain    A woman

goose-steps toward me  CLOSED FOR THE DAY

She bites me on left arm   A cross between Mussolini

& Rhea Perlman  Slash for mouth   No soul  No charm


I make a beeline for the bar across the street   It is

closed   We’ll let you in  but only if you’ll watch tv

There’s a release to be signed   and a strip search

Is this day getting better or worse?


On the way home I park my stubby little car in a teeny

tiny spot   & yes I barely bump the Van behind me

A man emerges  after a while   No smile    He begins

examining his bumper   with urgency    I step out smartly

as food poisoning kicks in    & I vomit all over him


Returning home there is a thin legged spider in the drain   17

minutes of battle  until vivisection reigns    I lay weary   bitten

on the floor    Only to learn much later that   in the tussle

the chain about my left ankle    is no more –


We are at home and warm as if we had escaped

the gaping jaws     (Robert Lowell    Christmas)



“Um, excuse me, I – I think you forgot my bread.”

“Bread, two dollars extra.”

“Two dollars? But everyone in front of me got free bread.”

“You want bread?”

“Yes, please.”

“Three dollars!”


“No soup for you!”

(George and the Soup Nazi, in “The Soup Nazi”
Seinfeld episode 116)












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