"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I have 2 dresses  & they are not funereal

Both  Comrags   Both gorgeous  navy voile

They hit my leg   below the knee  Each worn

to 2 funerals


So  must they remain on the dark-side of my closet?

Along with:  fearguiltshamerage


Or  might they see the light of day?    What If

I air them on my Juliet balcony?   Will they find

just the right Spring breeze  to wash me    them  clean?


Please vote at:


comrags dress



SPRING  2014

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One thought on “L. BLUE D.

  1. Martin Atkins on said:

    Leave behind that what is dark so the light may shine! Get rid of the” dark passenger!”…….Dexter

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