"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



She was 10   & called me from Aruba

A dog had been hit    From the street

corner  her parents dialed me in

He ran behind a building   he’s bleeding

he’s dying   Same girl who cried when my

blue rabbit collar   morphed into  little

rabbit foo foo    It’s faux sweetie   I lied


And now I lied again   long-distance

Animals find caves   dark & warm   He’s in

shock   He’ll sleep it off     2 yrs. earlier her

Grandfather died   Now there’s another space

for the next new baby    Little girls are taught to

love babies   (biological imperative)


I ask you   can all of those dead animals really be

at the Zoo?   Is  Satchmo on the farm with his friend

Brutus?  Is the tadpole you flushed   swimming in Lake

Ontario?  You really want to hope so    But uncle from

Buffalo disabuses you of this notion   Was he just old?

tired?     or  wise?




He pointed at each child in turn:  Someday yer gonna die  and

yer gonna die    and yer gonna die    Yer all gonna die  

St. Agathe Des Mont  1972  (Uncle Cracker)



SPRING  2014

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