"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


F**K   THE   F**KING   F**KERS    F**K

                                                               Northrop Frye

It’s the kind of selfish when you’re sitting there

and you don’t know what to do   says the co-ed

She has been spewing 4 letter words brilliantly

as the very life-blood is sucked from my opus

Even Northrop Frye would be impressed with

the number of times she has used f**k in a     sentence


Her raven hair parted a fraction from the middle

she eyes me with disdain   She just walked to the

garbage bin and spat   whereupon a hive of late Fall

wasps   put an end to her ecstatic confessions


Beside me a young man reads Confucius

but his look screams Trotsky   He says:   It all  turns  on IF








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