"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Are you the blowsy embodiment of

the prevailing narcissistic delusion?

Do you have a chore whore?  Spend

your life wanting  getting  & emptying

only to need a re-fill?  Do you covet a

2nd tv  with fancy technology  invented

5 seconds ago  that gives new meaning to:

remote-control  soul-hole?  Do you have

 the words: wooden puppet on your t-shirt?

When was the last time you noticed a scent

other than the All-Protector  emanating from your

leathers?  Do you lead a master class in acting

every time you answer the phone?  Feign happy

busy   enchanted?


OKAY  I will stop torturing you  gentle reader

If you answered yes to 3 or more questions

something is festering in your pop-up life  & they

won’t want to harvest your DNA    Stand very still

something epic is about to happen  in 136 seconds


Did you miss it?

Ya me too



Bonus Questions:

* hands up if you think life is pre-ordained

*hands up if you wish you could start over again





SPRING  2014


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