"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Fine is the girl with a dapper cut & cobalt blue hair

sitting cross-legged over there   She looks like a saint

eyes cast heavenward breasts dangling perilously   She

is smoking & speaking in tongues   I wonder if she will

allow me to linger & stare?   Or stomp over & drag me

into the black fountain  at The Monk School of Global Affairs


Come baptize the peevish-poet if you dare   She doesn’t need to

be in a forest to get lost in one   Now the microscopic redspiders

close in   & the white skeleton bugs begin to bite ankles   on a hot

+ hellish day  in the city



*trees produce substances which boost the human immune system

& multiply dopamine levels 10fold   The absence of trees in one’s life

may lead  to severe anomie   & to skies filled with dead stars



solstice man




Summer Solstice  Stonehenge   2014

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