"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The heathen-children are back in our parks

first days free  now back in captivity   Sent by

adults who believe every waking minute should

be:  programed  supervised  teachable


RUN! I cry as the bearded man-counsellor tells

them it is raining   (boys+girls it’s raining)

RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!  mad wet poet

commands   Heathen-children scatter hiding behind

rocks + trees


Tonight they will erect this city’s  1st stone circle  and

the powers-that-be can charge a dollar & a half just to

see it    Wait! bearded man-counsellor calling police


Mad damp poet giving out cupcakes   Wonders if it was

all the Joni Mitchell that turned her into a subversive

bitch    Naw more likely the Mingus


At 13 I drowned in the River Mingus flowing from our

living room stereo   The Mingus+moonlight embalming us all



* (later Joni  would say that on the day Mingus died at 56

56 whales beached  and died   on the Mexican coast)





Summer 2014

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One thought on “CHILD

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    Must have been the Mingus – how many times can you listen to Pithecanthropus Erectus before you go crazy??

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