"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Light moving in  bands   Waves undulating across periphery

of left eye   If I look in mirror will face have morphed into  BAST

the ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess    Eye feels feline & not in a good way


Same face   Same eye     Mirror doesn’t lie   says wrinkle commercial

YES it does  says me    Brownhairedgirl  gentle waves    Open to persuasion

Purple bow on pig-tails   It lies every day!   Who is this MadHatter?  Fiery-red

be-frizzled head    No Exit  sign  beside her bed


Undulating eye leads to ululation    Honey bees are dying + Monarchs have lost

their native plants   Even the car wash lady is prone to rants + taken a strong dislike

to  MadHatter woman    Work on Big BossMan Car!   she commands   as cleaners

scurry away  leaving woman musty


Her jaded ghost running  naked   along  West Queen West

She will find an Exit  yet



aura eyes2




Summer  2014

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