"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I know someone who has been OFF of life support  for

11 days   The doctors say this is not even possible  but

some human-egos are rock solid survival machines

Others cave  and flee  with regularity    Or resort to

substances  with names like  Mary Jane + Skag

Dull the ache    take the peak out of peak experiences


Then there are those who say:  I am gonna save this

place   this ship of fools   this quintessence of dust   this

blackness world   this Ebola    I am also in touch with a

man   father of 1,211 children   The 1/2 sibs found each

other on Facebook    Sperm daddy  Sperm daddy  i will

find you   and when i do  we will get acquainted  compare

moles  Sperm daddy  Sperm daddy  i love you


I find that I have been speaking aloud   Stanza-chanting at

the crowd  But today there is a meanness amidst the muffled

muzak  The woman beside me leans in: Bitch if you keep

singing I’m gonna murder you   I know inside we likely won’t

survive   with our deep nostalgia + hopeless longing    Our

irrational pursuit of the cure    Some of us have crossed the line

we’re just not that fine   anymore


There was a brief time when I had a magnificent dog + no cares

In a recent dream we baked him into holy wafers & gave them

out at the sidedoor   I read that whatever you believe will happen

in the end   will happen   It just makes so much sense   When you

cross the marshlands in the bluish light  the dog will be there  with

all of your music   + your father burning burgers on the bbq






Summer 2014

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