"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Sitting in a military cemetery   foot of Wellington St.  established

220 yrs. before we  roaming the streets with our smart cars   We with

our even smarter phones  Many of the tombstones stolen or vandalized


10 remain: 2 drownings mid-20’s   3 infants 4-9 mths. old  1 suicide  31

Lieutenant Zachariah Mudge  universally beloved  2 toddlers 18 mths. & 3

1 wife  36   I wipe my weeping eyes     1 drummer  25


We in Fall 2014   mess+ a half     Leaves still green   flowers only semi-putrified

belie what is coming    Howling winds up our backs  hackneyed Christmas cheer

(please do discover the dates of  OUR  holy days  it wouldn’t kill you)  


We familiarizing ourselves with  dead body management  in Monrovia   Where?

Monrovia   There everybody is collected + burned    When the body snatchers

collectors arrive   on rocky hillsides   families fight them off   But there is no where

to hide   Mrs. Jacob’s body was sprayed with disinfectant +burned like a dog’s

(bodies are most contagious in the 1st hrs. after death)


More recently garbed in yellow Hazmat suits  in 45 degrees   Red Cross workers flee

for the stigma+the suits   They must be changed 10-15 x per day    Today we see a

9 yr.old girl  butterflies on her tee  eyeing suspiciously  the 2 yellow clad  body

managers  hauling her away   We  hope you survive this day  Nowa Paye   from

a village near    Monrovia



*Globe&Mail Tuesday October 2, 2014  pp. A9



Fall  2014





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