"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



On October 7  1944  Crematorium IV

was blown up   The Kommandos  a special

squad of slaves at Auschwitz  were shot on

the spot    The women from the munitions

plant   the gunpowder smugglers  were tortured

& hung in the Auschwitz courtyard    Thousands

of lives were saved   & the war ended 22 days later


Today we fight peacekeepingmissions  using religious

scholars +air strikes   a.k.a. the new boots on the ground

On Tuesday  Turkish +U.S. officials warned that Kobani

would fall to the IS   yet each looked to the other to take action

As our own Justin Trudeau weighed in with: Let’s whip out our

CF-18s and show them how big they are?


It seems that transcendence has disappeared  & in it’s place

inferiority   These are crude +inelegant times   I have heard it

opined by Generals  that the West should remove itself from

ancient battles  The infidel only stirs up the beasts   Close Borders

Stop the Planes   In the end Ebola may even reign supreme


Somewhere there is a lone man building a raft straight out to sea

without compass or map  he relies on augury   The oracle is troubled

& struggles with this botch  this predicament of modern paralysis in

the face of depravity  She wants to shake us from our addle  & wonders

if good old annihilation might not do the trick   A  wipe the slate clean

prognostication   On the house  out of her love  for humanity



*RIP: Ala Gertner  Regina Safirsztajn  Roza Robota  +Estusia Wajcblum

the gunpowder smugglers of Auschwitz




Fall  2014



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