"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Africa pried open for all the world to see   The W.H.O.admitted yesterday:

botched response to the Ebola calamity   Now the entire world is Ebola blue

The virus no longer wicked & away   On Saturday a bridal shop in New Jersey

was closed    Ebola nurse had visited with her soon to be married sister


Then there is Boko Haram selling off Chibok girls like cattle  at 25-1000$ per

head   Some executed   Some committed suicide  The U.N. reported that: captured

teenaged boys as well as girls were routinely sexually abused


While in the Middle East  the estimated number of enslaved Yazidi women+girls

has reached 7,000   The Islamic State is proud to admit their viciousness  using

religious rhetoric as a shield   Most of us just think they are sexual predators hiding

behind  The Word    It’s an enslavement project says Matthew Barber  U of Chicago

While the U.N. says:  jihadi abuses may amount to war crimes


One young mother   after her husband+father were killed in front of her   was

dragged by a bloodspattered captor  to the house of a man of 80  She escaped with

her baby  as her new husband slept


Don’t be naive  Don’t believe  that the girls will be returned   They are being held in

schools  community halls  prisons  +houses    They will become spouses  to the

leaders and emirs   Let’s face it   The girls have disappeared   In Nigeria  Goodluck

Jonathon is running for re-election   He says: We will bring the girls home 

Mr. President  what type of services will you offer to your country women?  Who after

6 months in captivity no longer own their souls


As weary grows the West   As empty grow the beds   Do you feel well?   Are you

feverish yet?    You loiterers    You tourists of the war zones




Mid Fall 2014





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