"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Today I read something like: When you look in the mirror

the Devil stands beside you   and shows you the worm

inside the rose     I was riffing on shaving my head as I

struggled with my coiffure   It certainly would be easier

An older look to be sure  my luncheon friend demurred


But the worm was whispering:

You are entering the Sublime Decline fair rose!


It’s true   Yesterday I dozed briefly   as I drove the local

highway   Dangerously flirting with the   long repose

It may very well be time to hang up my eyelash curlers

After all   it is my dream to swim with the Dolphins soon

And not kill them with Nutriesse 564   A red so vibrant it

screams Victorian whore   or Annie   And not in a good way



annie           redvictorian




April 21,  2012



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