"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



3/4 moon out at noon  first day of December 2014

Girl with backpack just bought beggingman a coffee

Tell me if you need more sugar   And as she knelt

beside him  he began to scream+rock  I don’t give 2

shits & a holler    Head hits plate glass  blood all over

West Queen West


The road ahead looks narrower+bumpy  no longer tended by road crews


Phlegmycoughman chokes+spittles+rattles behind me

now pounding ceaselessly on handicapped door opener

So far Bloody Monday is moving along at a rapid clip

already 3:30   Gill Rosenberg Canadian/Israeli  kidnapped

by ISIS today  First woman facing decapitation  radio says


The road ahead looks narrower+bumpy  no longer tended by road crews


Fecalman beside me wafts a scent decidedly decomposing

The road ahead won’t have signposts   There will be fewer +

fewer  choices   Hardscrabble hours in a chair   At least it won’t be

uphill anymore  Downhill from here on in   The summit was 8yrs.

ago  The beginning years of descent  still felt like ascent   But now

you know better


So  aim that sled   +your droopy face will begin to glow   tiny tongues

of heat will creep across your frozen feet   You won’t think so much

about re-invention  or escape   There will be consolation   You will not

suffer fools who make definitve statements   But mostly you will look

serene +nibble vegetables with carnality






Winter  2014     for Kelly



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