"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



There is a 100,000 yr. old iceberg in Uppsala  +a man

carving it into musical instruments   the sounds of which

might even soften the hearts of ISIS    Though they would

have to be human for this  & not Nazi re-treads on a mission


There was a time when humans venerated age   Now the young

rejoice in the simulacrum of Barbie   Doll smooth   Doll parts

Hairless +perfect    Defects banished in post-millennial Barbie’s

through surgery   All of this in service of quest  for the perfect

selfie  in what may be  an emerging selfie-economy


Dr. Sam Rizk who specializes in Rhinoplasty says: Too many selfies

indicate a self-obsession  and a certain level of insecurity that most

teenagers have  (human nose does not stop morphing until 26)  

They come in with their iPhones  & show me pictures of the nose they

desire   Sam notes a 25% increase over the past year in his Manhattan practice


Mirror Mirror on the wall show me a face my mother can’t recall    How is it

that Renée Zellweger  morphed into Kim Bassinger  with a few slices of the knife

There should be laws to protect the Renées from petrification   Now the slob beside

her feasts  What wonders is she sitting on?  Barbie catatonia  at odds with rapture

Insentient beauties  worship dead Gods   says Poet raging  naturally



renee1           renee2



Winter  2014





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One thought on “OLD

  1. M. Atkins on said:

    If only she could cook, clean and do laundry. What is she sitting on you ask, fairly obvious, what made her famous! Ain’t love grand?

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