"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Self-promotion is the new spirituality   Many whisper

about passion-projects in dark alleyways  where the neo

bohemians pee on graffiti masterpieces  Everyone has a

site or 2   numerous links  & at least 3 business cards   The

whole thing reeks of Lena Dunham  +her grating gyrating



Today I met 2 prophets:  #1 was working on assemblages

with her father  an upholsterer   They will revolutionize

lounging   #2 was a reasonable facsimile of a 13 yr. old girl

+likely 33    She prophesied the return of confession as a

way of life


Bring me your  self-promo-weary   +we will build a

bonfire of multiple business cards  bullshit  &hormones

Especially dopamine   The one that makes you see everyone

as far more interesting +attractive than they really  are

Including: Lena  Obama    +me



She’s a little lost girl in her own little world

She looks so happy but she seems so sad

ah ah oh yea oh oh oh yea    

Joey Ramone   The Ramones  1974-1996


(Past members: Dee Dee Ramone Johnny Ramone

Tommy Ramone Marky Ramone Richie Ramone 

Elvis Ramone C.J. Ramone)




Spring  2015

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