"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



She is 5 ft. 11  blonde  lush  pneumatic  skirt ends

at cheeks   no stockings   just read 60 pages on

secularism   Kisses boyfriend bye  red beard  Munk

School Global Affairs   Not a hipster  couldn’t be   looks

more trust-fund pedigree  future Prime Mistress


It’s 15 Celsius  1st day in 6 months  sprawl on grass  without

blasts of frigid wind creeping into every orifice   Also the day

half the globe away when: Bring Back Our Girls Now  And

Alive  became:  Never to be Forgotten


First anniversary of the seizing: 276 girls  54 escaped  some

clinging to branches of trees from back of an open truck   3

dead   snake bite  malaria  dysentery  Now sex slaves +fighters

Never see their families


President Buhari former military ruler of Nigeria said: We must be

honest   Euphemism for: We aren’t looking anymore   Malala Yousafrazi

Nobel Peace Prize  shot in face by Taliban  promised scholarships for the

girls     219 living in loveless forced marriages to terrorists



When a man loves a woman   he can’t keep his mind on nothing else   

He’ll trade the world for the good thing he’s found  




Spring  2015    RIP Percy Sledge  




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