"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



She eyes me suspiciously  It is Spring 2015  Vicious landing

Sleet  +hail   frozen citizenry   All of the women I see:  eyes 

glazed over  dull-skinned  +gnarly   One threatens to bite me


Not so Harriet Quimby  who on another fierce April day  flew

from Dover to Calais  her signature purple silk flight-suit  &

seal-skin stole  luffing in the breeze


1912 an open single prop plane  Ghostly pale +gorgeous  Harriet

died in an air-show crash later that same Spring   Her debris washed

up on Wrangel Island  home of the Wooly Mammoth  contemporaries

of the pyramid builders in Egypt


Love Dalen  researcher at Wrangel (U of Sweden)  posits that

Harriet Quimby may in fact be one of the first documented

extraterrestrials   Like humans  Mammoths have 2 sets of

chromosomes  Harriet had 3   On why Love devoted his life

to the study of  Wolly’s   his analyst remains silent


Today walking on the frigid streets of my city a sign said:

It’s true   even if it hasn’t happened yet  






No Spring  2015



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