"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



1st butterfly   1st magnolia blooming

many hipsters lay  splayed in my park

today    several inch closer  +gaze blankly

2 guffaw +slap their sides oh so raucously

they surely need some valium or some ddt


writing as an exercise in futility    as someone

close has said to me:  writers just pretend they’re

writing  +call that a profession    this has led to

much rumination  & caramel anejo


which hasn’t dulled the realization that: this person

is not my friend  +people who speak with blunt edges

sometimes  speak the truth




what’s called a normal life

a series of grainy mistakes  +an

irritating fear of words  

(Rosemary Waldrop  love, like pronouns)



Spring  2015

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