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100 yrs. ago a Weapon of Mass Destruction

was used for the 1st time   April 22  1915   On a

day when Spring gets into the blood   Ian Sinclair

Canadian Highlander  Ypres    Then a  HISS   +

yellow-green chlorine gas  poured over the trenches

5,730 canisters


Soldiers were running hither+tither like madmen

crying loudly for water, spitting blood, some rolling

on the ground struggling to breathe   The thing was

that WMDs  were already illegal in 1915


So who was Fritz Haber at the end of the day?   The

chemist responsible for these fledgling gas attacks

said: It’s a way of saving countless lives, the war will

end sooner   Fritz’s wife  also a chemist  did not agree

She shot herself with his pistol


Later the British  +the Americans sided with Fritz   both in

the Battle of Loos   +twice in Japan where 106,000 were killed

atomically   Japan too was not immune  carrying out biological

warfare in WWII   Wells were poisoned with cholera+typhoid  +

bombs were dropped with plague infested fleas


It’s hard to point a finger   Fritz was just a chemist   the others

Presidents   Dictators  +Prime Ministers   Think Brigadier General

Jack D. Ripper  a fictional madman with his finger on the trigger

And while you’re at it  think  Kim Jong-un


Kim Jong un




Spring  2015


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