"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



His son took his own life  yesterday   The last time I saw him was

20 yrs. ago   Then I sat beside him at the funeral of a friend’s son  

who took his own life     Will the circle be unbroken?   If aging is

enlightenment at gunpoint   parenting unfolds before the firing squad


Unrelenting  always fearing  persevering  un-enlightened    Did you

know that blood is blue?   Baby smeared   drenched +tired   paper-thin

skin    oxygen ignited   blue to red    At once familiar +alien


Mcfate grabs a small hand +leads him down a garden path   Past shipwrecked

daughters+marauders    Path too narrow for you to follow  wail on wail on sailor





Summer  2015    RIP   boys of summer

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