"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



What deep symbology does the Confederate

battle flag represent? armadas of ships+chains

+whips+cages   In the forest where one woman

was kept for generations  tortured daily   Children

birthed long after she believed in  maps +oceans

circumnavigation   the Cape of Good Hope


South Carolina senate vote on Monday  Take Down

That Flag  cried Reverend Clementa Pickney  from

the otherside   Bullets lodged for eternity in face+chest

He thought he would never die (maybe like you+I?)  That

life is made of iron  +never ends


They gave us Casper didn’t they?   The little whiteman’s

ghost  An already-dead friend   Took decades to realize

you’d never lose him   If the racism in a place runs so deep

they want to segregate Heaven   you know it’s time to burn

that flag   Time to place a plaque at the forest cage  where the

Civil War never did rage



National Association for The Advancement of Coloured People:

That battle flag is racist+stands for white supremacy


Supporters of the flag: It’s a benign symbol of heritage +genteel

social traditions







Summer 2015

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