"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



We were spirited girls with minds of our own

Our parents hesitated to leave us alone  at Caribbean

hotels+Huron cottages    Young Nassau bellhops  chasing

us down carpeted corridors   Local toughs smoking beneath

cottage windows   Inhaling 2nd hand Camels+countryboy

dares   Obscenities wafting through humid air    We were

fearless-sunburned   +immortal    Portal to bargirl days opens

wider   Crawl through  and keep on going






Summer 2015   for dena



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One thought on “INFAMY

  1. Dena Atkins on said:

    Wow!!!!!! these words actually create a full sensual experience for me more vivid than I can summon through my own mindful contemplation of those days! I will read this one over and over with an appreciation and experience of our youth that only a great artist such as Aprill could recreate…

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