"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Resisting new forms  umpteenth re-birth    You mean

I must do this again?  Can I speak to the Superintendent?


Who is in charge here? an 8 yr. old boy asked me  our session

at an impasse  (No  you may not take all of your clothes off   +

Yes I’m sure your penis is nice  but it must stay in your pants)


Who is your boss?   he demanded   I don’t have a boss!   Everybody

has a boss therapist   What about God? Or is there a landlord in this

building?   28 yrs. later I can see where he was coming from   His

impotent rage laying latent  in me   at 36 in a dream  a giant skinhead

bellowed: SECOND HALF OF LIFE!   


No way to grasp what that might mean   Consulted an old Rabbi  equally

oblique:  The unconscious  is really  unconscious    I thought I detected

glee    Recently a grief-stricken friend told me  her grandmother’s brain

was seeping out   through her nose


Left me wondering what was the point of accumulating every single fucking

thing i know?   But then that is the wrong question    Can I get a witness?




September 2015


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