"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Something over there  Looks like you will reach it

So close  There!  You keep walking toward it   Is it

moving?  Or are you standing still?  The Immanent

Life   The one you would reach if you could  is just over

there  beyond the Immanent Grove


Just decide what you want to be  once+for all!

Maybe better to know what you don’t want to be (laggard

luggard  haggard  maggoty)  than to know what you do?

For magic resides in the true naming of a thing


Pretend one thing is another  +illusion fools the senses   while

delusion steals your name   Wouldn’t you rather be your Immanent

Self  than the self tarted up in the glass?  Mirror Mirror on the wall

Ego delusions of a Hag    The mirror always lies


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