"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Fall canopy floating to earth all around   Hoarfrost on the

ground Trinity Bellwoods Park   Gold wolf plaintive howl

Hunger in the eyes of scratching men  One practising Tai Chi

far too close to me   Bruce Springsteen needs a new plane  asking

us to shell out dollars again   for re-treads of: The River   Can’t

we retire too?


Perhaps get through  this election day with conscience intactus

Everybody’s gloating over voting stratagems   In 3rd year Poly Sci

Professor Smith of the natty bow tie  said: In the West we have 

delusions of democracy  while in the Bloc they know freedom’s

just another word for  Bolshevik  Menshevik  Putinik


Tomorrow the lilting rhetoric of Justin Trudeau will ring out across

the Nation  sans the pirouette   This son lacks imagination  Spouter of

safe diatribes  inch to the left  inch to the right   The fountain in the park

is stuck on ON today  water more pristine than anything we have seen  since



Soon the voting station at the park’s edge will close  +West Queen Westers

flock home in droves  Tonight top-knots will unravel as craft ale flows like

a River   In Tuesday’s pale dawn light  lumberjacks+sailors will lament   while

the rest of Canada hold hands   Stratagems be damned



Fall 2015

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