"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



What is it like when they call your name?

she asked Eddie Redmayne   He had just

won an Oscar for portraying theoretical

physicist  Stephen Hawking


Last night on CNN  Anderson  of the Vanderbilt

fortune +pale pink skin told us: for teens the 

boundaries between the real+cyber worlds

no longer exist    By 12 or 13  they live in a

participation mystique with their selfie-persona


We might pose the question: Do they even exist?

As any physicist worth his weight will tell you: the

human mind=reality    There are no trees in the forest

And the God called Zuckerberg takes no prisoners





Evidence is growing that social media can influence

prosuicide behaviour. Cyberbullying, when directly or

indirectly linked to suicide, has been referred to as

cyberbullicide.   (American Journal Public Health 2012)




Winter 2015

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