"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



They’re sending ZamZam to Edmonton  That’s where

she will be re-settled   It’s -23 +grey for 6 months  then

mosquitos the size of buicks descend  then it’s winter

all over again


ZamZam hails from a town near the azure waters of the

Mediterranean  4 1/2 yrs. in a makeshift tent  after fleeing

Idlib Syria  Both her babies born refugees  now 2+3   Think:

dark   as an adjective   dream   as a verb


Goodbye to dark city of her bombed out birth  Middle class

family  left father 70 to his fate  Neighbours dead of starvation

Dream BIG    ZamZam a woman known: to take great care of

her looks  (who wrote this article? a man or woman? Globe+Mail

December 10  2015)  Husband’s toilette not disclosed


There is a list: lipstick  eye kohl  nail polish  hair oil  loofah   details

intimate +claustrophobic   Leave them kids alone   Barely out of their

teens  Husband Iwan: I’ve heard the Koran might not be allowed in



Clearly they watched the Niqab controversy on tv   They are

allowed to bring one suitcase each   But the elixir made from their

suffering  is weightless   To date the holy grail cannot be detected by

airport security    Welcome to the frozen hinterland  of the free




Winter Solstice 2015




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