"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Ignore the WHY? question  my supervisor said  some

30 yrs. ago  in an Israeli accent:  Eeets meeningless!

And she was mostly right   After a child had asked WHY?

somewhere between 10-17 times  they would go back to

symbolic play  or simply wrestle me to the ground


But the physics experiment called:  ALPHA   may answer

the WHY? question  once +for all   The  ALPHA lab is

right next door to the Large Hadron Collider  where they

just confirmed the existence of GOD   in particle form


While the ALPHA experiment has confirmed what Alice

already knew: there is a mirror  an anti-matter reflection

of every single particle in creation  +every single reflection

conceals a hidden flaw  WHY not tell me yours?  #iamovermyself


It was the WHY? question that led the naked ape to the Gods in

the first place:  WHY are we so small +the sky so vast?  WHY does

the Sun disappear?  WHY does the female ape make so many babies?


Now let’s add some of the WHY? questions in the therapy roomwomb:

WHY did my Mom try to drown me?  WHY did the Dad lock the doors

+sex me? WHY can’t I live with my family? WHY can’t I feel pain in my body?

Israeli supervisor wherever you are: The WHY? question may in+of itself be

the anti-answer



Forgive us our inability to negotiate the beaten path

of one perfectly rotten planet  (Judith Fitzgerald  Poet

left for dead at the side of an Ontario Highway)




IMBOLC  2016  the seeds are stirring!

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