"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The raggedy one who looked like my brother’s

girlfriend of 30 yrs. ago   sassy-feminist-college-girl

Each sentence included the words  patriarchy +misogyny

Pretty  wealthy  +15 yrs. younger than we    These diatribes

induced vomiting  +steely monosyllabic un-pleasantries

I digress


Ratty hair  +neo-hippie valley speak   Salesgirl at Bellwoods Weed

Dispensary said: don’t worry (granny)  if you get too high  suck

on a lemon   Well suck on this: Poet so high on megadoses of THC

full blown psychotic haze  for 8 days   Spiders  snakes  +lizards at the

periphery   Entire life flashed before me   glossing over the fun parts

Were there any?


Front door  +windows a thin veneer    Ditto Ego    Little protection from

marauding haikus of suffering    Danced through said life with theatrical

alchemy   Stops in:  Big Sur   Zurich   Keswick   Big Easy    Please excuse me

while I kiss the water of the great Mississippi   +light out for territories beyond

the Pale   Like Russian Bubbie    You can take the witch doctor out of the shetl

but you can’t take the shetl out   Ever


Allan Ginsberg’s rant on LSD won a Pullitzer    So I  Howl  at the mediocre muse

who inhabited me that eve   +know with even greater certainty : within this crucible

every single shred of order you see  was carved out of a terror so vast it prevents

seeing what is in front of your nose   You are no more real than the heliotrope of

the Sufis     So slow the fuck down


Smell the past evaporating   The future a mirage of desperation  (You can’t handle

the truth!)  Jack Nicholson  A Few Good Men     The trash heap of the present

moment is the pinnacle of glory    Transmuted into gold by mediocre muses   +pot

called: Transcendence is For Pussies



Jack Nicholson


Spring 2016




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