"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The waiter at Frank’s Red Hot says: You should go to Mexico!

As though I have desperado eyes  +not blue agave induced dark

circles  +menopausal discolourations    But these never did stop

an old poet from hiring a $350/hr call girl named Izzy  +driving

down to the Painted Desert in a KIA SOUL


With Soul etched all over the back seats   protesting too much

that somewhere  through the hard passage my soul has survived

And waits puppy-like at the door  pissing itself with joy each time I

arrive from a day of bad retail interviews  Just hired to sell $4,000

jeans by a design collective from Düsseldorf  with the slogan: Drink Me

And Live Forever   Dadaists everywhere are rolling in graves


And a weekend of carpet cleaners from Alexanians  who left me

with regrets for not jumping into their truck   Carlos: Ma’am we 

can’t clean carpets worth shit  but we can take you as far as the

Pecos  +put you on a tequila drip


This week they discovered an Earth like planet  tantalizingly close

enough to study   It circles the star Proxima Centauri   They named

it Promima b  (!)   Again Dadaists everywhere are rolling   It is stuck

in eternal night  with huge temperature extremes  +bathed in radiation

100 x stronger than on Earth


Stephen Hawking + a Russian billionaire will send a computer sized chip

spaceship there in 2-3 decades   Won’t that be thrilling for the nocturnal

+radiated Proximers  to have the Sapient Ape arrive on their doorstep!

Why  in twenty or thirty years the Gods will have forgiven us  + our child

selves will have returned from exile  in droves    In droves Jerry


Everything lives on waiting only to be wanted back badly enough

Would I put on my coat and return to the kitchen where my mother

and father sit waiting, dinner keeping warm on the stove?

(Tracey K. Smith   Life On Mars  Pulitzer Prize winner  2011)




Fall 2016



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