"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



He loomed over Hillary like a monkey  in heat

Was this a grope-able moment?  What if he’d

grabbed her by the pussy?  “Grab them by the pussy.

You can do anything.”  (Donald Trump on women +

the perks of fame)  Jane Goodall  expert on chimp

behaviour   studied his non-verbals   the chimp-man

body language: naked aggression  loud squawking  throwing

feces   thrusting of chest + pelvic region


It seems that under the ill fitting suit +santa-red tie  there

resides an un-evolved iteration of humankind    Before

agriculture  +religion  +standing up on hind legs   This lowest

donald-denominator has always been lying in wait  Think  Il Duce

Think Idi   Think about America as sleazy reality tv  How will the land

of the free ever be taken seriously by the short men in the East?


One  baby faced +chubby  wielding missiles +Dennis Rodman    The

other beady eyed +perpetually flexing flaccid muscles  often wrestling

with a bear   Soon the echo of laughter from terrorists in caves  will

ricochet through Aleppo  which will cease to exist in another 90 days

(Globe+Mail October 2016)   And Hillary’s perma-smile will deepen as

a strapping young man in a blue suit crouches beneath her desk  –

O America  land of equal opportunity



donald-and-vlad    il-duce

idi-amin   kim




Fall 2016    for big bro M.A.  who generously donated the title of this poem!

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One thought on “‘PHOBING

  1. Martin Atkins on said:

    Thanks for the shout out, Sis! Also remember that imagination is more important than knowledge, as said by Einstein.

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