"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Sitting in a cool cafe  I have the urge to strip +Go Go dance in the

bay window  It couldn’t be as bad as Ga Ga’s gagworthy uncall  to

revolution  at the 51st Super Bowl last night   With all the pussy

shaking  no doubt the Donald  will make a bee line for her underpants

This morning my 93 yr. old mum tweeted: I wouldn’t give five cents to

see Ga Ga!   Me either   In fact my concert going days may be over


At the Drive By Trucker’s show on Saturday  I went out cold   Heat

prostration   +hard hip bods  profusely pressing against me   Ditto at

Trombone Shorty   Jazzfest T.O.  2013    200 degrees under that fucking

tin tent someone brilliant invented   Airless  soulless  hellhole  where groove

starved Canadians huddle each Summer


Had my 1st porta-potty experience there  Mrs. Phyllis Schneider accompanied

me to pee  +sold tickets to the lined up crowd  10 deep    She’s never been in a 

porta-potty!  she screamed    A rancid smell hit me like a ton of bricks  + I was

knocked to the floor  when someone eagerly bounced onto the commode next



As I emerged green behind the gills  the crowd lifted me onto their shoulders

Jazzfest prima donna  Comrags dress  sticky-sweet   After the show I headed

for Shorty  who I know from a Treme bar   Troy is shy  with lush t. bone lips

To see him reef is to enter an altered state  imagining all the possibilities


Today as we commiserated about concert blackouts  +toileting experiences therein

a wise friend said to me:  Freedom may be an illusion  which I am loathe to believe

though the certainty is slowly dawning on me   Now I am dancing buck (!)   in the

window at the Cygnet Cafe   +small Portuguese people are gathering   as the priest

from St. Helena’s across the street has entered with unctions  + a Chicago 58 salami


(You’re all alone and filled with fear, and the billionaire says

what you need to hear. He’s never worked a day in his life,

but he’s on your side.   Moby  2016)


Winter  2017     for Spooner

never stop going to concerts  

+never lose your sense of humour..

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