"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




An ecstatic confession?   My mother saw her 1st sunrise

at 93:  It was orange  NOT  yellow!   emphatically     2

lines of orange light  just over the buildings  far off in the sky

It was so beautiful!   I didn’t know quite what it was   


What is the name of that place in the States where they

covered up a UFO sighting?  I thought this was what she

was telling me   A fire breathing dragon in the east!   A burning

bush on Sinai    1947  Roswell:  the flying disk in the sky    Or

perhaps like that hard shelled bug   the one we kept in a jar  +

batted around for an entire summer   A visitation?    Be careful what

you torture      The Gods will likely arrive in disguise


Build a shrine to your innocence    It will return with a vengeance at 80

+be all you have left at 90  when the firsts + the lasts  areoneandthesame


We came upon ducks    It was 1963     Wild with wanting one  I trampled

them   They fled from said child  who trembled  with a future  approaching

unabated     Maps entirely futile       Never to be fully navigated


An unshaven holyman crouched by the bullrushes   A river flowed through

our ravine  carrying the bones of ancestors  +those not yet born  all the way

from the burbs to Babylon    New forms  both strange +familiar   alighting

like an old grief  about every 10yrs. or so   Crouching on slow thighs  waiting

to be born




I must clear the house of my head,

I must make room for a shrine before they all die,

With fireflies and starlight.  

(Walcott   White Egrets   2010)

RIP  Derek Walcott  87   Nobel Prize  St. Lucian Prophet muse on a very good day..


Spring  2017


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