"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



There’s a theatre company I frequent  The

audience is beady-eyed  +hungry  There in

the dark  teeth gnash  +a lung is coughed out

with regularity   Right now there is a play highly

recommending the virtues of life over decay in a

water filled grave


Is your soul alive?  they cry  (audience member:

I’m cancelling my subscription they don’t project) 

Once again save me from my demographic  I heard

them LOUD+CLEAR  though only 40% hearing left

in my right ear


If you’re not as alive as you might be  you sorely need to

hang around the cemetery  or think about the 20 yr. old girl

who hung herself in my niece’s dormitory  The latches to her

sadness/madness  ennui on a good day  not secured tightly

Now all the girls will need an extra dose of Ativan to sleep


Those who found her will find no peace  +wander through life

with a deep seated fear of thresholds  +getting too close  +besties

who are in excruciating pain   I had one once  +her recurring dream

was: being in room filled with water  water that meets the walls

I will never know the outcome of her story


She gave me the finger in an Indian restaurant  when I said: Your

ennui is drowning me  And I see now that this was one of the best

things that ever happened to me   Finally free of her membranes

of sorrow+want   +a well pruned borderline personality  masquerading

as creativity    I was left free  +forever weary of hiding malignant narcissists

from psychiatrists   +giving it away for FREE





SPRING 2017    7daysto60

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