"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



As I trip down the path filled with pure bred dogs

+lean Gucci’d girls  the rancid scent of skunky pot

wafts up    I sell jokes  he said    No thanks!    I’m lost

as fuck   he begged   What part of this isn’t the Camino?


Today watching the doc:  Strangers on Earth   I heard a

chic pilgrim say:  There are arrows everywhere!   She

would know where she was going at all times  +hoped to

meet God   It seemed like Disneyland for seekers with lazy

souls   Some even called cabs


Again I ask:  what part of this life isn’t the Camino?   For one

thing  I have yet to see an arrow  signposts are few   Choices

usually just smokescreens in disguise  behind which fate takes

you kicking+screaming into  repetition compulsion  old habits

+older story lines   How many times have you married your



It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle  than

for a rich pilgrim to enter the kingdom of heaven   They chatted

guzzled wine  +fought over cell phone chargers   Some rented



It seems unnecessary to spend 5 yrs. wages  in some parts of the world

jet to Spain  +walk among arrows +charlatans   raising false hope that

upon your return answers will fall from the sky like shit from a goose

When what is more likely true  is that  people in parks who tell you they

are  lost as fuck  shall inherit the earth






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