"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Kintsukuroi   becoming more beautiful for

being broken


Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget the perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

(Anthem   Leonard Cohen)


Are you more beautiful for being broken?

Gold tributaries of suffering   Kintsukuroi

The Japanese technique of repair with gold

resin   The object more valuable for having

been shattered


Soul resin   A priceless gluey substance used

on lost children by damned angels   Scavenging

in the night behind orphanages +brothels  +

residential schools   Even behind ordinary apt.



I knew a girl whose youngest brother was the 13th

child of her mother +her 2nd husband  (also the girl’s

Grandfather) The two re-united years after her own

horrific abuse in locked bathrooms  from 18 mts.

Her smile pure Kintsukuroi   Part slash   Holding back

a rhetoric of fury  seeping out of every orifice


Where have you been soldered together?  Womb tomb?

Breast?  Heart by pass?  Did they use gold resin  or spit

gum  tar  +glue   All sacred substances too   My father a

scarecrow   Held together with 64 stitches  So much more

beautiful for having braved repair


Birds flew in abberant migration to sit on the balcony +

chirp jazzy rhaphsody in blue   So  don’t wake up every

winter’s morn in your Canadian town +expect it to be

warm   For chrissakes put on a wool layer  +save your

complaints for the undertaker  when cold will be a relative



Live damnit! Live!

(George Costanza)


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